Fomer Design Director and Dance Mom with 25 years experience in children's design opens up shop

Stacey studied fashion design at Rhode Island School of Design and has worked as a Design Director for 25 years. Her experience in children's design and as a Dance Mom led her to open up her own shop designing custom dance costumes. Stacey felt that there weren't enough choices out there to make her kids feel special. She wanted to create an environment where each kid or choreographer could choose their own color, fabric, trim and silhouette. Our mission is to custom make a costume for you that truly fits you and complements your dance perfectly.
As a single Mom Stacey also understands that sometimes its more important to find a bargain so Rouge Dance also sells photo shoot samples at a greatly reduced price or a pre worn costume ( always marked) for anyone on a budge t or in need of a lat minute fix. Within its listings Rouge Dance has custom lyrical dance costumes and jazz costumes that have been worn once at the photo shoot and are therefore are labeled as photoshoot samples and offered at 50% off or below. They are considered "seconds" but when ordered are doctored up and can be altered to your child's measurements.

If they are in great or almost perfect condition they may be offered at $75.00 -$100.00

On the other hand, Custom work starts at $200 and up . It is al a carte . You can have something simple and elegant with a little embellishment for $250 or something more ornate with hundreds of Swarovski rhinestones and a one of a kind design for $500-$1000. You can set your own budget , order custom fabric swatches and have a sketch made or send an idea to be estimated and custom made for your child.
Custom work can be completed in a day or two sometimes when a fast solution is needed so don't hesitate to reach out with a request for a costume that is needed ASAP. At Rouge Dance we will always do our best to accommodate every need.

We have been making custom lyrical and jazz and hip hop , ballet, pointe and pageant costumes for fifteen years and enjoy making custom group costumes for dance studios, high school and college dance teams and costumes for dance recitals and dance performances. We look forward to hearing from you about your dance costume project!

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